The Web Design Process

So, you're wondering what to expect?

Whether you’ve worked with a previous designer or this is your first time, we want you to feel comfortable about our process and know exactly what’s happening. We’ve designed this page to help you better understand our approach to the web design process.

5 Major Stages of Development

Planning & Proposal

Together through consultation, we will determine the scope of the web design project and discuss budget, timeline, goals, and client-specific expectations. We will then prepare and deliver a project proposal and estimate.

Blueprint & Prototyping

After proposal acceptance, we begin to prototype the web site design so that you can visualize the look and feel of the web site. Based on your feedback, we will revise the design and provide suggestions to enhance the user experience. We will define color schemes, fonts, and other common visual elements. We will utilize your goals to design a funnel for lead generation or “call to action”.

Structural Wireframing

Once the design is finalized and copy is drafted, we will wireframe all elements of the web site and build out the page structure. We will implement software customizations and test functionality.

Aesthetics & Content

With the wireframe and basic site functionality in place, we will begin to fill placeholders, detail design elements, and make revisions based on your feedback. Much like the buildout of a home, we will begin to add detailed design elements and apply a final touch of paint.

Punch List & Go Live

Before handing over the keys, you’ll go through the staged web site with us and create a final punch list. Any last details will be resolved before bringing the site into live production.

Ongoing Maintenance

As an optional service, we offer ongoing maintenance options to keep your site current. This is a very important component of a proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy as web site elements must be regularly updated in response to analytics data.

Top Tips For Customer Success

Be Open To New Ideas.

Creativity is about trying the new and different. Remaining open minded to suggestions from your web designer will nurture a fruitful relationship that yields positive results.

Be honest with your feedback.

If you don’t like something, say so. If you’re in love with something, voice that too! Your timely feedback is always welcomed, can save time and will allow us to create a web site for you that you love.

Be Prompt & Present.

Delays in providing information or approvals could put the entire project on pause. Responding to requests for information promptly will allow us to meet project deadlines and ensure a timely launch.

Ask Great Questions.

We LOVE when our clients ask questions. We also love to ask our clients questions! We believe that when both parties are better informed, we can all come to the table with better perspective.

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