When we started out as a company nearly 15 years ago, our primary offering at the time was web design and development. We were a creative company. As such, we had experienced a number of products from various web hosting companies. We’ve purchased many shared web hosting accounts, reseller accounts, and virtual private servers. Unfortunately, most of those experiences left us expecting more.

The shared hosting products from the most popular providers (GoDaddy, HostGator, Eleven2, etc.) just didn’t cut it.  We experienced excessive downtime, unreliable e-mail services, and general slowness that resulted in upset clients and low ranking web sites. Whenever we needed support, we grew frustrated with the inconsistencies created by these companies operating with such a large support staff.

Our technical expertise and years of experience led us to shift our focus to building out a web hosting product that, quite frankly, didn’t “suck”. We found that in order to accomplish this, we needed to become our own customer and experience our most popular product first hand.  That’s why we decided to host www.floridawebarchitects.com on our most affordable hosting product.

Simply put: if you are experiencing an issue, then so are we.

Our web site is using the following configuration, all of which are included in every Florida Web Architects Web Hosting account:

  • Web Hosting by Florida Web Architects (Unlimited) — as low as $12.41 / month.
  • WordPress — Installed in just a few clicks using our free software installer.
  • WordFence – A free WordPress security plugin.
  • W3 Total Cache — A free WordPress caching plugin.
  • CloudFlare — A free global CDN provided to all of our customers for speed and security.
  • Incoming Mail Filtering — Enhanced spam filtering for just $2.99 / month.

By becoming our own customer, we continue to learn about the experience that our actual customers are having with our most popular products.  This helps us ensure that our web hosting platform is fast, secure, and that we’re offering a wide range of included tools for our customers to be successful.

If you’re interested in speaking to a personal engineer about hosting with Florida Web Architects, leave a comment or get in touch with us here.