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Over 20 years of experience in web technology.

With over 20 years of experience in small business web site design and web hosting technology, we’re your go-to resource for new projects, web site upgrades, and optimization/maintenance projects. We are WordPress and Divi experts.

New Web Site Projects

Starting a new web site project? We create web sites that are based upon known human behaviors to turn new visitors into life-long customers.

Existing Site Updates

Have an existing web site that needs a refresh? We’ll suggest ways to update your existing web site, when it makes sense.

Wordpress Optimizations

Slow web site? Our proven method will increase responsiveness and performance in speed testing, potentially resulting in improved Google page rankings.

Problem Solving & Maintenance

Having an issue with your already developed web site? Let us help you solve things to get your site back online.

Contact Us

Let us know how we can help with your next web design project. We’re happy to schedule an absolutely free consultation.

We make incredible web sites that check every box.

Mobile-First Design

In 2018, 52.2% of all web site traffic was generated from mobile phones*.  That’s why we believe that an effective web site should be built for mobile first. Every web site that Florida Web Architects creates is strategically crafted to deliver the absolute best mobile experience in addition to a content-rich desktop display.

*According to data from Statistica.com.


Editing Capabilities

As a standard, every web site that we create is built using WordPress & Divi. This combination provides a product that can be easily edited and expanded on in the future — by you or us. We can add an endless amount of features, depending on the needs of your business. Additionally, these two products are globally recognized and will continue to be supported long into the future.


Concept To Creation

Static mockups are delivered to you for your approval before development begins. This allows you to visualize your end product prior to the start of the development process. Your feedback is used during each design phase to ensure that you’re going to be completely satisfied with the end product. We won’t stop until you’re absolutely happy with the result.


One Design, Three Ways.

When designing a web site, we build a singular design that displays differently based on the device the user is interacting on. We ensure that your web site presentation looks great on mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers. Want to see an example? Load this page on different devices to see how it responds!

Always ready for expansion.

Our web site architecture is designed to allow for easy expansion. We want you to always be able to add new content, install new features, and iterate on lead generation strategies. That’s why we build every web site on top of the WordPress platform with Divi. Divi is a commercial web site building platform that will always remain updated and WordPress is a gold standard web site engine.  Both platforms are highly expandable with thousands of plugins and are supported by a massive user base. This helps future-proof your web site and will ensure that you’re never left stranded with your investment.

We handle everything.

We’re not your typical small web design firm. We handle everything from domain name registrations and web hosting to development and SEO. We have deep partnerships with the best names in the industry. We’re certified partners with Cloudflare and the makers of the Divi platform. We’ve built our own web hosting platform from the ground up and it’s been in service for over a decade. We are experts in web server architecture, backup strategies, and security. Florida Web Architects can handle every web site from the smallest blog to the largest enterprise.

“I’ve had numerous websites, and thus domains over the last 15 years. I can say without a doubt that Florida Web Architects has by far the most personalized service I’ve ever received. They consistently help resolve any issues we have, and that includes self-inflicted issues where they goes above and beyond. They are always professional and quick to respond. A+ customer service!”

Rob Chapman

Owner, Outdoors360.Com

Hire small and support local.

Skip big name providers and opt for your local web development firm, Florida Web Architects. We’re a small business based out of Estero, Florida. We guarantee that the level of service you receive will be a breath of fresh air compared to the experience of using a big name provider.

Want to know more about our design process?

Example Web Design Pricing

Providing a high level of pricing transparency is incredibly important to us — and we know that it’s also important to you.  While we can’t provide an instant quoting tool due to the number of variables involved in custom web site design, we can provide pricing examples to help you better plan for your investment. If you’d like a precise estimate, please fill out our project inquiry form.

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